The distance from Old Harbour to New Harbour is 4.7kms with an estimated walking time of 2 hours.



Grading 1A

The walk is an easy stroll all on a flat

mostly urban area.



Abalone tasting.

This is a lovely walk for those who prefer to amble while taking in the sights. It’s all on the flat and mostly through an urban area, so not at all strenuous. Starting at the old harbour the walk follows the coastline and passes various historical points of interest until it reaches the new harbour. The walk ends with a tour of a working abalone farm in the new harbour, where visitors are introduced to the process of abalone production and export.

The old harbour is an integral part of the history of Hermanus, with fisherman landing their catch there as far back as 1857. The area has since been declared a heritage site and is now a museum, one of the only two harbour museums in the world.

The Heart of Abalone was originally a project that was started by a local veterinarian in 1984 who was concerned by the rapidly depleting stocks of abalone along the coast. In a bid to replenish and safeguard the stock against overfishing and poaching he began by breeding abalone in tanks at home. Abagold was eventually established in 1995 and is now one of the largest abalone farms in the country, exporting thousands of tons of abalone annually.

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