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  • How fit do I have to be?
    It depends on the walk that you choose, but many of the walks are designed to suit most levels of fitness. Some of the trails will require a little bit of steam however, so during the booking process we will send more information on the fitness requirements.
  • What is the pace of the walk?
    The pace is kept comfortable and to suit the slowest walkers in the group. Our walks are designed to allow people to enjoy the natural fauna and fauna and incredible views rather than to provide a good work out, and groups can also ask for walks to be tailored to their requirements.
  • How long is each walk?
    The distance and estimated duration of each walk are contained in the description.
  • Is the walk guided?
    Each walk is guided by Tim Lundy, an accredited mountain guide with many years’ experience of walking and designing trails in the Western Cape. Read more about Tim in Our Story.
  • Is there transport to the start of the walk?
    We can arrange transport if required.
  • Why are the group sizes limited?
    Our walks are designed as experiences, so while some walks may be of a relatively short distance, we want our visitors to feel comfortable to stop and smell the fynbos should they want to, or to take their time over lunch. Our trails also cross over land that is privately held, and by keeping the groups small it is easier to show to protect the land and to show respect to the landowner for right of access.
  • Can I combine some of the routes?
    Yes, we can tailor a walk to suit certain requests.
  • How long does it take to reach the Hemel and Aarde Valley from the centre of Cape Town?
    The drive is about 1 hour 20 minutes.
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